6 comments on “Jesus Speaks at Tabernacles

  1. We had an interesting discussion about this, which was to the point that Jesus says, in essence, “I’m not going to go” and then turns around and goes in secret.

    So, how does this fall within Truth vs. Lie? Discuss.

    • Matt there are quite a few theories on this question as you no doubt know. for me however, I think the key is in verse 10: ” However, after his brothers had left for the festival, he went also, not publicly, but in secret”. t would seem that Jesus was telling his brothers that He wasn’t going with them in a group, for there was a plot afoot to kill Him. They could all go in safety, but Jesus could only go secretly at that time which is what He did. Thus, when He said He wasn’t going, it was true, for He would go at another time and not when they went. It is a fact that He didn’t tell them of His plans to go in secret, but under the circumstances, He couldn’t very well have done so without putting God’s timetable in jeopardy… at least that’s how I see it.

      • I have wondered about this also. You give a very good explanation. A lot of small details are left out of Bible narrative. Each gospel writer has his own style of writing and many of them leave out what the other writer has put in the story of Jesus. The same happens in the Old Testament with 1 & 2nd Kings and 1 & 2nd Chronicles.

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