15 comments on “The Bread of Life, part 2

  1. After two wonderful parts (thank you!) I am left pondering whether – as with physical food – one can (with the most sincere of intentions) over-indulge in spiritual food. Spiritual obesity … with all the spiritual side-effects of such “inflated” living.

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  3. Great post. Further expanded my understanding of communion and what it represents. I have a deeper appreciation for communion on a spiritual level. Thanks.

  4. Good thoughts, Don. As you know, an entire religious system was based upon a misinterpretation of John 6 and the Last Supper passages whereby they teach bread and wine are changed into the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ and that physically ingesting the wafer imparts graces which lead to eternal life. Accepting Christ as Savior by faith was replaced with eating the eucharistic Christ, which supposedly imparts graces so that the recipient can obey the Ten Commandments well enough to become increasingly sanctified and merit Heaven.

    • Yes Tom, there have been fights about this from every point of view over the centuries. Whichever view turns out to be right, I think all of us can be blessed if we will focus ourselves as much on our relationship with Him as we do on debating among ourselves. 🙂

      • And yet debate and discussion serve a very valid purpose in this case, don’t they? If I know belief/acceptance of Christ as Savior is the basis of John 6 but also countenance the viewpoint that physically ingesting the Christ wafer is the meaning, then I do a disservice to those in error. OK, I don’t mean to drag this out. Thanks.

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