8 comments on “Peacemakers

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  2. When we use the word peacemaker, we usually speak of peacemaking between nations. I like your focus better. The so-called peacemakers who operate on the world stage are too often showboats who bully our allies to make peace or naive, silly people who expect enemies to become friends just because we force our allies to be nice to their enemies.

    Your definition makes peacemaking a personal activity, one where the cost is borne personally. It is not about posturing. It is about humility and personal courage. It is about loving our neighbor enough to forgive or confess a wrong.

  3. I will be preaching on Peace this Sunday. The very nature of God’s promised eschatological peace in the Prophets changed etymology of the Greek word for peace when the translators finished the LXX. So often, now, I wonder if Christians forget the call to being peacemakers because we do not get steeped in the prophets of old.

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