7 comments on “It’s All about Priorities

  1. After reading this post it reminded me of an analogy to being a Christian. It’s like getting into a bath tub. At one point, one foot is in the tub (Jesus) and one foot is out (the world). As far as our relationship to Jesus either we’re all the way in the tub or all the way out. It has been said you can’t have it both ways as some would like.
    With that said, it begs the question, “how do I go all the way in for Jesus while still living on earth, with jobs, marriages, children, responsibilities etc.?” Charles Stanley said that being a Christian is less of a “doing” mentality and more of a “becoming like Jesus” mentality.
    Is it possible to achieve a “balance” in that way? Or, am I just kidding myself?

    • I think Charles Stanley was right on the mark; it’s all about our relationship with Him and not so much about “doing”. When our relationship is right and growing, He’ll bring certain chores to our attention, and we’ll want to do them because of our love for Him.

  2. We were looking at the same map today, Don, only I was focused in and highlighted a zoomed in portion of your story. God obviously spoke to me in the text, just in a different way. I like it when two minds think alike; same train, different cars. 😉

  3. Two interesting observations about the Lazarus narrative.

    First, Jesus was right, even if one were raised from the dead there are those who would not believe.
    Second. There’s Martha again, still cooking while Mary is still attending.

    In both cases, no one learned the intended lesson.

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