6 comments on “A New Command

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  2. Reading verse 20 in the NIV, “will believe that I am who I am,” reminded me of God telling Moses in Exodus 3:14 “I am who I am.” Thinking this was probably one of Jesus’ “I Am” statements, I checked my Interlinear NT which translates the Greek, “will believe that I AM.” Again Jesus tells his disciples that he is the I AM that Moses talked with!

  3. Christ had already summarized the Law in the two Great Commandments; “Love God above all else”, and “Love your neighbor as yourself”. His “New Command”, raised the bar for believers; “Love one another as I have loved you”, which requires that we love our Brothers and Sisters on a totally-different plane, self-giving, and even sacrificially. Only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can enable us to love on that level.



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