17 comments on “Humility Exemplified

  1. “We must be willing to humble ourselves and also be in service to one another by helping clean the filth of sin from one another.” – That sentence is a composite of your last paragraph’s thoughts. I don’t have any difficulty in humbling myself but the other I’m not so sure I would understand how to go about it. How do we help clean the filth of sin from one another? I’ve given this some thought but can’t quite get a handle on it.

    • The short answer is this; by reflecting the light of God’s truth and God’s love into the lives of those around us. Of course I can give you a very long version, but that will be the bottom line.

      You just gave me an idea (thank you); check out Random Ramblings next Saturday.

  2. I had no idea of this. It’s more than humbling to think of my Savior doing this for others in this posture, showing care and compassion even for the one who was helping to set him up for death. It does put a different spin on how we’re to care for others and treat others as more important than ourselves. Thanks, Don.

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  5. Isn’t it funny how much I want to be humbled and serve. I do each day, but then my feelings get hurt or my thoughts are “I should be glorified for that act of kindness.” It is so difficult being a mature and faithful servant, our egos get in the way so often. Funny why we feel the need to be recognized!

  6. ” We can never do this by glorifying ourselves; we can only accomplish this mission by humbling ourselves: We are to follow His example.”
    Our natures are to want something in return: thanks, appreciation, recognition. Yet, we must be humble servants with no expectations – only to shine His light of love and lead others into our Father’s embrace.

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