13 comments on ““This church isn’t loving enough!”

  1. So true. The Church isn’t a bunch of perfect individual. In the church you would find vessels that need mending,that’s why the Church is the potters house. Because you can see another person’s brokenness and flaw doesn’t mean you yourself don’t need mending too. In the church, you get on people’s nerves knowingly or unknowingly that’s the same with other they also get on your nerves knowingly or unknowingly. That’s where the beauty of love comes in.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. When people get frustrated and angry at someone it’s not because of something that the person did but because of something they didn’t do. What they didn’t do was do what the other person was expecting them to do or cowtow to their wants and needs. This usually indicates that the upset person is self centered and not wanting to show love. The upset person should do a self inventory to see if they are on the same page with Jesus in expressing their feelings. If they are honest with themselves they will see that they are not loving according to Corinthians 13.

  3. I disagree. Chuck Girard sang Don’t Shoot The Wounded. While not expecting perfection from any church or church member, there is a very clear bias observed over a span of five decades. Love all except fellow believers. Break your legs running after wild people but shun, reject or even oust ones with broken wings. Dine the pastor but not with paupers within the same body. Don’t get me started. Persecution KGB style. Helping people lose their homes, split up their families, even their careers. Sorry,Jesus didn’t love such temple goers and neither did He want to forgive them. In His very own words. Be careful of judging someone when you should have been loving enough tol ove her. Your own comment was unloving, judgemental.

    • I read most of the way through your comment wondering where we disagree; but I found it near the end where you seem to say that we should judge and condem those who fall short in love… and then you say I am judgmental for not judging them?


      Did I miss something?

  4. Sometimes the love one individual needs might be poured out to someone else that week and it ticks off the needy one 🙂 . there are all kinds of occurrences when the adversary gets in the mix…vw

  5. There’s a bible verse about others knowing we’re God’s children by the way we love one another. The lord pricked my heart once for behaving the way the woman in your story behaved. He challenged my faith by suggesting that instead getting fired up and leaving, that I stay and not give the enemy any ground. Instead I could become a light to the one offending me, or grow a thicker skin. We do well when we remember it’s not not all about us, it’s all about others.

    • That is so true Laura. In the case of the lady in the story, she did just that. In fact her whole attitude changed and she actually retired early to serve God in foreign missions. Let’s face it; we’ve all been the one who gave offense as well as the lady on the phone at one time or another.

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