14 comments on “A Final Thought from Our Study of John

  1. Thank you for touching on this. It has also been my thinking for a long time. A good friend of mine says we teach what we know but we impart who we are. The questions you pose require that I examine not what I know but who I am in Christ.

  2. Don,
    Cheating… ha ha ha! Yeah, how about that? Good one.

    Your post makes me think about Jesus saying, “The work of God is to believe in the one He has sent.” Belief is work?

    I guess I see that when I picture Peter saying, “If it’s You, Lord, command me to come to You.” And then Jesus says, “Come.”

    And I think to myself, “Dang! What’d you go and open your mouth for? Now you know what you need to do.” And I have to admit that’s a practice I’m not practicing: seeing what Jesus is doing (Oh, do you believe that’s God over there doing that?) and then asking Him if I can get involved too–because that means I’ve got to do some work, some belief work.

    Thanks for the push out of the boat 🙂

  3. Wonderful way to end the study in John. And a deep question that qwe truly all must answer. Do I really believe all that Jesus promised, and all He has commanded? Do I my pracitice it? Do others see it alive in my life (salt and light)? Am I making disciples?

    In a couple days I will be taking a look at Psalm 23 on blog site petertgardner.wordpress.com. I know, it’s been studied over and over, we all know this one by heart. But I encourage you to come and take a look at what the Lord has been showing me on this one. It is chaining my perspective as I study it, and I’ve preached and taught on Psalm 23 dozens of times. It fits right in line with he questions you ask here. By the way, Psalm 22 will be in two days.

    Thanks, Don. Love your studies.

  4. “Well, will we?
    We will if we really believe that what we believe is really real.”

    I think we think that God has one advantage that we think that we lack: the capacity, the default, the very being of unconditional love. And, no matter how we excuse ourselves – the fall, original sin, Satan, etc. – I think we have that capacity right now.

    I believe (from what I know and have experienced) that we are each born with the capacity of unconditional love – to receive it certainly and also to give it – simply to “be” it – just as God- Jesus- Holy Spirit “is”.

    So in response to your wonderful post, I wonder this … when we truly believe we are capable of – that we do have the capacity for – unconditional love, then everything is possible and nothing is impossible. And THEN we are real.

    • Yes, I agree. Whatever we might think we lack, or maybe aren’t yet in the place where we have it yet within ourselves, we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and with Him in us, what is it that we lack the capacity to do or to be? Yet sadly, for so many of us, the indwelling of the Spirit has yet to pass beyond a mere academic concept and into reality leaving us somewhat less than “real”, as you put it.

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