9 comments on “Meaningless Labors… and a Different Point of View

  1. There was a James Garner movie, don’t remember the name anymore. A multimillionaire passes and leaves his fortune to his son, with one caveat. He has to start with nothing and work at several tasks (like the trials of Hercules), only upon completion of the tasks will he receive his inheritance. The purpose is to learn both the value of money, but the value of working as well, unless you know what it is to work you cannot appreciate the value of the money.

  2. This section brings up what I’ve always considered to be one of The Great Atheist Questions: How do you live your life, working for countless years and striving, when you believe in the end that it is totally pointless? I think I’d wake up in tears every morning if I truly believed that we have no purpose other than to accumulate green paper, reproduce, and then die.

    • One commentator I read, or heard, said that the religious Jews didn’t/don’t ask what is the meaning of life, but rather, what is the purpose of life. That has always stuck with me. (Otherwise, why would I have remembered to mention it? 🙂 )

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