Random Ramblings: October 22, 2016


“Oh no, another picture of the White House; this can’t be good.”

I agree.

I don’t want to write about elections or politics, in fact, I’ve gone out of my way not to hear about the election. Of course I haven’t gone so far as to have not read the 100+ page document dump the FBI released earlier this week, or the latest WikiLeaks release… and the ones before that. Still, I haven’t been listening to the election coverage, other than to survey what was written and reported in the aftermath of Wednesday’s candidate ‘get together’.

For me, that’s staying out of it. I think these are matters of degrees…

There was something “fishy” about the post debate coverage, something that looks remarkably like campaign talking points. I watched as many commentators do their post debate spiel as the networks made available on their websites, and I couldn’t help but notice that nearly all of them admitted (some rather glumly) that the Donald “won” the debate.

I’ll take their word for that.

But then all of the sudden there was a shift, and many of these same people began to say that the Donald blew any chance he had of winning the election by giving a “wrong” answer to one of Chris Wallace’s questions. There is no way that Mr. Trump can possibly recover from such a terrible gaffe; he’ll lose in a landslide now. Of course, having a very long (even for someone in politics) political memory, I recognize that they have all been saying Trump would lose in a landslide since before the conventions; why are they announcing this as if it were something new now and what was the gaffe?

The question was whether or not the candidates would abide by the election results: Mrs. Clinton said that she would and the Donald said he’d like to wait and see.

That doesn’t strike me as a gaffe, it strikes me as someone who wasn’t willing to sign a suicide pact, in light of the number of voting fraud allegations there have been in recent years. Yet the real point of my ramblings today is neither Clinton nor Trump, nor politics in general; it’s the reporting of the election. For as long as I can remember, the news coverage of politics has favored the Democrats, everyone knows that. Yet it has never been so obvious; they don’t even try to be objective any more.

Where is the outcry from the public?

Oh, we’ve gone to sleep.

Back when I was an undergrad, I had a Journalism professor who told us about a new trend in journalism, something called “advocacy journalism”. He said that this form of journalism had no particular claim to objectivity, and that its purpose was to “advocate” a cause; he said that would be the “death of journalism” and that we would all live to see it.

He was right.

I mentioned the 100+ pages of documents released by the FBI this week, and I would bet that most of you didn’t hear about it. If you’ve read them then like I have, you know that the lack of coverage says it all. Twenty years ago, these documents would be the only thing you’d hear about, and they would not only bring the Clinton campaign to an end, they could even bring the Obama Administration to an ends as well.

Yep, my Journalism professor was right.



About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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15 Responses to Random Ramblings: October 22, 2016

  1. Pete says:

    And where can I find these documents?

  2. The news media learned the power they had with the Kennedy/Nixon election, and have been flexing their muscles ever since. It is the same with television, they learned quickly that they can get the American public to come around to their view by pushing the envelope a little at a time. If you push hard the public pushes back, but if you push lightly the public gives way. People are sheep, and they have started following a different shepherd, not the Good one.

  3. dawnlizjones says:

    Was it the Reagan landslide when the press was surprised? As if its adoring public ignored them? Or maybe I’m not remembering it well and perhaps I am unfair.

  4. jritchie0891 says:

    Trump is a businessman, not a politician. In business you *never* blindly agree to accept an outcome, that’s horrible judgement. And after seeing how my state (Indiana) has people rising from the dead to vote for Hillary, I wouldn’t either. It’s sad to see how much common sense has left politics.

    And everything else.

  5. Actually, Don, you’ll be surprised to know I agree with you. Somehow, the egregious behavior of both candidates (media coverage aside) seems to not matter to any degree by anyone (except those on the opposing side) during this campaign.

    Truthfully, if we are responsible voters, we all know what went on and what was said and done on both sides; we don’t need the media to tell us.

    Where have our morals gone? Where has civility gone? How did we come to the need to parse and measure a candidates immoral behavior by degrees in order to make a conscientious choice? It’s truly a sad state of affairs (pardon the pun).

    • Don Merritt says:

      It’s no surprise Susan, for our hope is on the things that are from above and not the things of this world. It’s still sad though isn’t it? In my darker moments I begin to wonder if we are about to usher in a time when we begin to see things that we’ve spent our lives believing “couldn’t happen here”… no mateer who wins.

  6. I was debating whether to reply or not, but I have to tell you I have had to “distance” myself as well my brother! Though Friday I did wait until about 11pm my time to watch a Fox news show just to see some reactions. I had to take a month break from Facebook just to keep my head clear, pray and try and “listen” to the Lord through the muddle of what is going on.

    Sometimes, I think to maintain our “sanity” and especially those of us who “try” and teach, those of us who have been called with a spiritual mandate, we have to separate ourselves at least for a season to keep our “perspective” on the Lord and His doings in our lives. At times it can get disheartening when you truly love your brothers and sisters (even those you disagree with) but are concerned with their eternal well-being and weighing that with Spirit-led wisdom and having to live IN this world even though we are not OF this world anymore!

    I am glad to see the comment from you for I sense the same thing in others of our peers, trying to find that balance and I admit, confessing to another brother whom I admire and trust that I have gone overboard in the past! (You know, confess to one another in the Lord 😉 ). It is easy sometimes with the bombardment of the “unbalanced” coming at you every day to forget that our Lord, God Almighty, our Heavenly Father still reigns sovereign on His throne and that concerning His children and their welfare, His plans MUST proceed just as prophesied and it is ALL for His Glory and our well-being!

    I haven’t spoken directly with many other of my peers concerning these things, but it has been a blessing to see how others I trust, are handling the same things. Just rambling myself I know, brother, but just wanted you to know the blessing this post is to me in my heart! Love you Don, appreciate you and yours and continually praying God’s richest blessings to you and Cathy!

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