6 comments on “Salt and Light

  1. Another post I needed to read and one that has been a confirmation to me. I especially love the part that speaks of the analogy of salt and getting deterred with the detail of what Jesus absolutely meant rather than accept the POINT that He was trying to make.

    I had a similar concept in mind when I wrote my recent article, “The Word of God, Eternal Life, and the Eye of the Needle” and for some reason when I was done writing I had to go back and do a couple of rewrites and then still wasn’t 100% thrilled with my ability to get the point across, but you did it here beautifully and yet still maintained the lesson our Redeemer was making!

    Thank you my brother for your sensitivity and sharing your gift! For as much as I comment on so many articles I read, believe me I don’t comment on all of them and the last month as I have tried to “stay in the background” much of what my brothers and sisters have written have given me an opportunity to truly meditate on the Lord’s Word in a refreshing light!

    God bless you for this post, it is a great message for a Sunday day of meditation and contemplation in the Lord!!

  2. The thought that went though my head reading this was: Puts a different slant on “being saved” then.

    That “being saved” is the beginning not the end, the first step not the last, a trigger for being not a state of being.

    Thank you.

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