13 comments on “God is in Control (2)

  1. Lots to think about here. But, when you really think about it you come to realize God wants the very best for us even though we tend to get in the way.

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  4. We can’t experience God’s love, without God’s justice! It is all part of what makes God WHO He is and why He wants us relationship with us and as to the Theologians, let’s just say sometimes their intellect gets in the way of their spiritual discernment! 😉 Another great article in this expository teaching brother!!! Reminds me of my Calvary Chapel days!!! Love you Don, God bless!

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    One of the most common sayings is this one: “life is unfair.” That is tantamount to saying God is unjust. That is also wrong.

    God does not give us the life we want. God gives us the life we need. We need to learn the wisdom of setting aside our own purposes. We need to learn the wisdom of fulfilling His purposes.

    Consider this explanation of a passage from Ecclesiastes.

    • I love this!!! And sorry, I meant to say I commented on an old post of yours in your reblog of this. But I think they are linked in some way! Truth to power, but no matter, God is still in control. I love it that we do get to choose, but God really already knows what our choice will be! We do have free will but HE still knows which way we go and He is always gently trying to bring us back to the truth – or to what is best for us and that will bring HIM glory. He has turned my life around twice when I was on the road to destruction….I know HE corrected my self destructive path….and I’m so glad as I now get to enjoy two of the most adorable grandsons with my husband and their natural grand father….he is crazy for them. What joy we are now having in our old age….but I almost missed out on it….Glory to God! He is in control!

      • The Lord blesses us in many unexpected ways, but to receive His blessings we must obey Him and persevere through His corrections. Instead, we are tempted to rail against God. If we give in, then we are just refusing to understand that it is our own choices from which we suffer.

        Sin is not good for us. Like fire it harms us whether it is our own hand or someone else’s we shove into the fire. Whether we burn ourselves or another with sin, it is our own soul we have set aflame.

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