13 comments on “Wealth, an Insatiable Desire… and Alfred Hitchcock

  1. Don, this is so true! I’ve been noticing this all around me lately, and it seems the worship of money has turned into the worship of security. We all security, and it sounds like such a good, moral thing to pursue…until it becomes our ultimate goal and conflicts with the mission God has for our lives. Thanks bringing this issue to light in such an accessible way!

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  3. My kids and I watch all the old Alfred Hitchcock, Star Trek when Spock was young, and Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone … they are the best and Hitchcock was really creepy before it was cool … He actually made some really great fables and parables come to life … Great read.

  4. My bible study group is going over Ecclesiastes. When the lady leading the study hit this chapter, she skipped it. Why? She said the wasn’t enough there to discuss. I was floored. She is quite serious about studying the Bible, I think she was frustrated with this chapter. Why? Not quite sure, but if we forget for a moment what Ecclesiastes is about, it can be dreadfully depressing, sort of like Alfred Hitchcock on steroids. Ecclesiastes 6 in particular.

    Love your neighbor. That’s a command few actually obey. Most love family and maybe some friends. Perhaps they regard those of their tribe, their religion, and their country as people, people deserving some sympathy, but the rest of the world? To understand how how someone who does know Jesus views the rest of the world we need to read Ecclesiastes and remember what it was like to live life under the sun.

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