6 comments on “Maybe We Should be Serious

  1. The value of a good name isn’t well understood these days, especially with so many people of high visibility getting caught, then moving on as if nothing happened, with the public, eventually, forgetting that is happened.

    I am I the midst of a Chinese novel, set during the time of the Islamic invasion of the west, Spain fall end and Constantinople just about under siege. One of the side characters is forbidden entry into one of the schools (academies) because of the reputation of his cousin, who has brought shame upon their name. Because of the shame he cannot advance in society until either honor is restored or sufficient time has passed.

    Much is the same in Solomon’s time, a bad name (sins of the father) can be remembered for generations, brining shame “unto the third generation”, IOW, until people have forgotten about it. We just don’t have that understanding / concept today.

  2. Just reading the comments above and “honour killings” came to mind. Protecting a good name – like everything else – can be taken to unhealthy extremes. Which reminds me of something else – keeping the law (which so often means not getting caught breaking it). 🙂

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