13 comments on “Wisdom Brings Restraint

  1. I wonder if 7:20 came to the mind of the Apostle Paul as wrote to the Romans in 3:23, “For all have sinned…”?

  2. I speak rashly and stupidly sometimes. I was getting a flu shot with my mom and daughter today. I was joking with the lady pharmacist, whom I’ve known for awile, by making fun of men and my husband. My daughter said, “Poor Dad.” I stopped short, realizing that though I was joking, it wouldn’t have been funny to my husband. Maybe it wasn’t funny to anyone, except my mom who always makes fun of men. I was really convicted I did wrong.

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  4. I think the point in using restraint is to know when to speak and how to express your thoughts and feelings where they emit a meanngful response. some of the other subtextual points are the use of prudence, patience, and mercy in forgiveness – the fruits of the Holy Spirit and virtues of God.

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