Concluding Thoughts on Ecclesiastes

Reflecting upon the end of the matter as Solomon stated it, life under the sun now is about what it was at the time Solomon wrote his book: Meaningless! When our time on earth is completed, we will die and be forgotten by those who come after us; a chasing of the wind.

Even so, something has changed since Solomon lived and wrote: Messiah came and accomplished His work. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we have the option of forgiveness of our sins and the gift of eternal life, things that the old Law did not provide. This is all obvious to a Christian, but what about our lives under the sun; can we possibly find meaning that the Teacher couldn’t find even with his great wisdom?

Yes, there is very certainly meaning in this life under the sun that was not available to Solomon, because something else changed as a result of Messiah’s work on that cross, the re-establishment of fellowship. “Fellowship” is usually not a term associated with salvation, but for the life of me, I don’t see why. Fellowship was God’s purpose for creating Mankind in the first place, and we see it clearly in the old Genesis story. Recall that while Adam and Eve were running around the garden naked together, they had direct personal access to God; they literally spoke together. There was nothing in between them and God, either literally or figuratively, and they had relationship with Him. God gave them dominion over the earth, creating what we might call a sort of partnership in which they served God’s purpose as stewards of His Creation on earth. Thus, they had relationship and purpose in common with God, and relationship + purpose is what the word “fellowship” means. When Jesus completed His work on earth, the relationship was restored through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and once again, Mankind can have direct, unfettered access to God with nothing standing between them, either literally or figuratively.

After Jesus arose from the grave He gave a command, His last, which is found in Matthew 28:18-20 that we should make disciples, and in doing so, He gave us His purpose, for that was why He came to earth in the first place. Thus, in Christ, we have relationship and purpose: Fellowship. To the extent that we serve His purpose, we live meaningful lives, even while we are “under the sun.” Even better, we have the hope of eternity with Him; therefore as Christians, who follow Jesus Christ in this life, life need not be entirely a matter of chasing the wind.

This little equation brings us to one other consideration. We know what parts of this life are meaningless and which part of this life is meaningful: How will we spend our remaining time here under the sun? Will we chase the wind, or will we serve His purpose?

Ah yes, dear reader, that challenge is what makes this adventure a most excellent one!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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7 Responses to Concluding Thoughts on Ecclesiastes

  1. DGHDelgado says:

    Yes. Unfettered fellowship. I like it.
    It’s hard, though, being American, realizing how humble looking the “accomplish-able” purposes of God are for us humans. I guess it’s another case of finding ourselves in who He is.
    Have a great Thursday with Him!

  2. vw1212 says:

    Hmmm. good question to end…vw

  3. paulfg says:

    “Will we chase the wind, or will we serve His purpose?”

    The other difference for me is to find that chasing the wind can also be serving His purpose. That the obvious is still not “obvious” all the time. And yet how easily we see in each other that absence of purpose (as we perceive), the frittering of life (as we judge), that much beloved “one (or not one) of us” – which is perhaps the biggest “meaningless” of all.

    What your Ecclesiastes meander has given me is this – a big dose of renewed curiosity (but that’s just me).

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. Steve B says:

    The fog of faith makes it look like it is just a dream

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