7 comments on “Concluding Thoughts on Ecclesiastes

  1. Don,
    Yes. Unfettered fellowship. I like it.
    It’s hard, though, being American, realizing how humble looking the “accomplish-able” purposes of God are for us humans. I guess it’s another case of finding ourselves in who He is.
    Have a great Thursday with Him!

  2. “Will we chase the wind, or will we serve His purpose?”

    The other difference for me is to find that chasing the wind can also be serving His purpose. That the obvious is still not “obvious” all the time. And yet how easily we see in each other that absence of purpose (as we perceive), the frittering of life (as we judge), that much beloved “one (or not one) of us” – which is perhaps the biggest “meaningless” of all.

    What your Ecclesiastes meander has given me is this – a big dose of renewed curiosity (but that’s just me).

    Thank you! 🙂

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