18 comments on “Ode to Chicago’s Cubs

  1. Don, a Dodger$ fan? I’ll be praying for you. Glad to see the Cubs finally won. But I have some special memories of the Cubbies and their foiled attempts at a championship. I’ve been a Padres fan since 1970, a year after the franchise began. Sure it’s been a rough ride but in 1984 the Padres finally made it to the NLCS against the vaunted Cubs. Nobody thought they had a chance and all the Cubs fans at my workplace let me know about it. Oh, they were all lathered up after jumping ahead two games to zero in the 5-game series. But the Padres took the last three games. Those three games were as sweet as any World Series.

  2. I’ve been a loyal but dispassionate Cubs fan most of my life (you have to be dispassionate in order to keep your sanity). My wife was born on the north side of Chicago and I think it’s in her DNA. I remember her grandpa watching the Cubs on WGN in his flat in the city, day in and day out, over the years before he died without ever seeing them win it all..
    I don’t what to say about this win. It’s still sinking in. But I think there’s a crack in the time-space continuum now. Not sure what this will mean for life as we know it. 🙂

  3. I am a ” die-hard” Cubs fan who spent 48yrs living in Chicago. I moved to LA & watched 2 out 3 of the playoff games at Dodger’s stadium. Weird to think at my new home venue, I will always be a vistor when the Cubs are in town.

  4. Nice post. Love the Cubbies! Always have. And though I am mostly a Cubs fan, I am happy when ANY Chicago team brings home the victory. It was really nice to see these games being played for the love of the game and not as a bitter rivalry. God bless!

  5. The temperature in hell remains higher than any measurable thermostat 😂 well done cubbies. Nice try indians. Ur moment in the sun will come again. Proof of miracles is that God continues to allow us to breathe another day 😃

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