16 comments on “Random Ramblings: November 5, 2016

  1. Wish I could copy your whole essay on my FaceBook page, but I will be satisfied with the link. WHY are we having this election when NO ONE WANTS EITHER CANDIDATE? How did they get there? Is some cataclysmic thing going to happen the night of the election? I’ve seen cartoons showing a calendar page of November with numbers up till the 8th, and then blacked out after that. I voted (by mail) as you will, for the least horrendous.
    Oh for Ike, or Daniel or Joshua or Nehemiah….even Nebuchaneezer (whom God changed in the end). Sigh

  2. Thanks, Don. I barely remember Ike which is still more than most of your readers can say. Yes, Ike was a good man and America was running on all eight cylinders back in the late 50s, at least for White males anyway. Me? I can’t bring myself to vote for either of one these dreadful candidates.

  3. I hear you, I am also voting (first time) against a candidate rather than for one.

    I liked Teddy R., first off, how can you not like someone named Teddy? It’s cute, cuddly, cozy. Second reason is that he’s an outdoorsman, as am I. I enjoy the National Park system that he created. I live in Pa, where one of the oldest state parks (Valley Forge) exists. I am attempting to visit every state park in Pa, and have visited a number of National Parks. I think I’d rather be there than in a voting booth this year.

    I have been tracking the ads this year instead of the candidates, and the media coverage. I have decided to vote against Hillary because of both. At least where I live Trumps ads contain fewer lies than Hillary’s. What has bothered me about this years media coverage is that it is more one-sided than it has ever been. When the video with Trump’s comments about women came out all of the media here jumped on him with some of the hardest reporting I have ever seen. Yet, not a single word about what Bill DID to women, nor that Hillary stood behind him. How can you come down on one person because of what they say, but not come down on another because of what they did. Far too much bias for me to be able to accept.

    • Didn’t somebody name a bear after TR? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts of PA parks, and that other stuff. I have also visited some of your parks in PA, and they are awesome.

  4. I like Ike too! He was president when I was born so I didn’t vote for him then. I agree with you. I can’t remember an election where the choices were so dismal on both sides. I will vote…reluctantly.

  5. I remember having an “I LIKE IKE” button pinned to the wall next to my bed in my elementary school days. That button just might yet be among some of the old things I’ve kept.

    As for voting, I’ll be voting for the platform, and maybe because of who was chosen as the vice presidential candidate, rather than the presidential candidate who claims to stand on that platform. Who the candidates have been counseling with is also a major consideration in my decision.

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