31 comments on “Common Sense Rules for Following Elections

  1. Don, thanks for this post. We faced the same reactions in the Scottish Independence Referendum and also the UK Referendum (Brexit). Democracy means we live with the results. As Christians we believe that God is ultimately in control. One unfortunate thing has been that ‘committed’ Christians have taken part in the mud-slinging in Scotland, UK and the USA. This should not be!
    Keep up the thought-provoking posts. Brian

    • Thank you Brian, I appreciate your observations; you have certainly had some interesting elections over there recently! Your last point is right on the money, and really my whole reason for posting this… OK friends and neighbors, it’s time to settle down now 🙂

  2. Both of us are advocates for non involvement in the most recent election. Interesting. The knitters guild of America values your contribution to advancing their cause. I can’t see their membership dwindling anytime soon. The media has a long tradition of telling people what they are supposed to think and not respecting the views of the people en masse. Thanks for your insight into how u.s politics works. I am with you all the way about the need for good sportsmanship to be on display in post election frenzy. Some people are clearly not heeding your sound warnings against donning riot gear. I value your candour. If only all and sundry could team it with such grace and dexterity. There are no dead cert wins in politics. If i was you I’d stay away from a candidate who insulted my friends too. How many of obamas executive orders got through the u.s courts.? Yes no candidate is mephistopheles himself though we all have the potential to be his pawns or God’s willing vessels.
    Perfect summation that being a sore loser leads only to further sores and losses.
    Both candidates and their supporters can take a lesson from this election that the will of the people isn’t always as clear cut as the media makes it out to be though hopefully it’s still more consistent than the ever changing weather. I would have picked ben Carson personally. Neurosurgeons can be trusted not to run a country into the ground 😀 if we have Christ all hope is not lost but regained daily if we keep our eyes fixed on our heavenly prize=Him

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  4. I did exactly as you did about voting for President, and like you, for the first time. I agree with most of your thoughts. Keep up the good work. Thanks for checking out my blog. I should post again next a Monday.

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