11 comments on “Big Boy Thinking

  1. Love this in your writing Don “Who does that? Don’t most people talk about their own needs, express their feelings to resolve their issues, let you know how they feel? Don’t the shrinks tell us we need to express our feelings…?” Up until Trump got voted in as the President, which I have a prediction gift….and knew he would win…I found out that so many are “all about me.” I am a Christian and believe in true things of the bible. It is a struggle to witness to a negative family and friends that are not Christians. My so called family would not take me in on Oct 1st due to low wages and living in my car. Doesn’t the bible say to help those in need. I dont’ do drugs and work hard and “I was the bad guy again.” I kept my faith and moved away from family to ohio. pRAISE gOD. XOXOXO

  2. Great word Don! Such simplicity in word to just love everyone. The way to do that is really realize how much Jesus loved you as He died on the cross for you. Then it makes it much easier to put others first and really love and serve them as God loves them.

  3. My blog post said essentially the same thing as yours today. Interesting the Holy Spirit would lead us to write about love for one another. It must be something we all need to hear.

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