11 comments on “Nothing in this World is What it Appears to Be

  1. “Of course show business is obvious”

    Not really. The line is blurred when show business people start acting like they are experts in everything from climate change to politics, and people base their opinions on what the celebrities say. Then you have Hollywood trying to influence elections by creating shows that push their point of view, such as Mme Secretary.

    • Which is a very entertaining show, yet alas like all of the rest of TV shows is fiction, as anyone who engages their brain knows. Yet sadly, you have a point; many of us have a tendency to skip that step 🙂

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  3. Yes ye olde propaganda is good for the geesanda. My wife and I both share Carers provided by the Health and Aged Care Assistance schemes here in Australia and one of these is Polish and the other Russian. Both our own age and the stories they tell about being under the regime. Especially the Polish man the Communism inflicted on Poland was far more severe than in Russia itself. He is still scared of Authority and told me of a holiday he once spent in France where it abuts Switzerland and Germany – where the Post Office was in Germany and he was amazed that there were no border guards with rifles and that he didn’t need to show his passport.

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