17 comments on “Poli Sci 256

  1. That’s what I like about Trump. His “in your face” style has really gotten the attention of those who stand by the rule of being “politically correct.” It’s about time Washington woke up from their self-centered slumber and listened to what we Americans are saying to them. I know one person who has. The Donald.

  2. I love that you spoke truth. You weren’t afraid of getting the lower grade. And breaking groupthink, giving people the chance to have the courage to be different, forwards the hope of truth being spread. Great post!

  3. As a former Poli Sci graduate, your post got me to reminisce on my days in classes. Fortunately, my professors represented the full retrospect of American and Revolutionary politics in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s. I grew up in a staunch Republican household, but one of my favorite professors was a card-carrying Marxist. I got an A+ in the class based upon my term paper entitled “The Economic Underdevelopment of the Agua Caliente Indians.” A tribe that owned every other section (undeveloped) of land surrounded by the developed land in the City of Palm Springs, CA.

    Fortunately, I came to my senses and spent my entire secular career in local government serving the people in the respective community where I was employed.

    • Interesting…

      I remember years ago after I graduated and had gone to Washington, when The President and the Speaker of the House would trade barbs and do battle all day long, and then the Speaker (O’Neil) would quietly go the White House for drinks and an evening of laughter with President Reagan in the evenings… and they did this often because their battles were never personal. In fact during those days, I, a young White House staffer shared an apartment with two Congressional staffers from the party. We would give each other a a bad time sometimes, but again it was never personal and always with a smile as though we were more like teammates then enemies. But now, those days are long gone.

  4. Yes! Love this post! It’s so true, if you challenge the status quo and the liberal agenda, those who proclaim “peace” and “tolerance” suddenly become the most intolerant people, labeling anyone who doesn’t agree with their viewpoints as racist, bigoted, ignorant, etc. What I find ironic is that the same people promoting equality and the sanctity and preservation of the earth, nature, etc are the very same people who have no problem with the fact that killing unborn babies is legal and in fact believe it should be a “right”. Which lives matter??

  5. I admire your independent thing. I live in Canada, some say this is a Socialist country. It isnt. However, our medical coverage can be called that. I wish you all could know the peace of mind that comes from everyone paying together in premiums ($150 a month to cover my husband and myself) and through higher taxes in order to have every doctor visit, test, procedure, emergency visit, birth, and operation free. Completely free. Paid in advance by all of us.

    If an illness is not life-threatening, we may have to wait a few month for scans and to see the specialist, but most of us don’t mind. At least we can get it done without wondering how we can pay for a knee operation. My sister, who is homeless because she became too sick to work, lives in a little camper in state parks. She meets lots of homeless people. Many are in that situation because of medical bills.

    • Thank you. Funny thing, I’ve never worried about healthcare and all of that… until they fixed it. Now it is a mess. I’ve never had a problem being insured. But now that it’s all fixed and wonderful, the law requires me to be covered twice, at my sole expense of course, and neither will pay a penny until the other one does. Effectively then, even though I’m covered twice, and pay more than ever for it, I’m effectively not covered at all… unless I sue them both! Hopefully they’ll go back to the drawing board before something serious happens and I end up homeless too 🙂

      • My husband’s employer pays about $10,000 per year on health insurance that pretty much does nothing for my family. I would much rather have the minimal catastrophic insurance, and then spend the savings on herbs, essential oils, and better quality foods to build our health from the ground up. But the bureaucrats wouldn’t make any money from that. Also, doctors don’t generally make a good profit from patients who are well. Except for routine vaccinations (which I question, but which my husband deems necessary), we almost never see our doctor and treat everything we can at home. It is astonishing what you can treat at home when you have to. After all, that $10,000 doesn’t include co-pays. Just bureaucrats.

        Slipping over to some thoughts on tolerance and political correctness, I am always amazed at how intolerant the tolerance preachers seem to be. Especially against Christians. Some time ago, I wrote a poem called “Tolerance 2.0” that I posted on my poetry blog: mybetterpoems.wordpress.com
        The poem, an acrostic sonnet, started and finished itself in less than an hour, which shocked me because I sometimes pour weeks or months of effort into just one of these. It looks ok on the blog. But is much more fun to read in the fonts I selected for it in Word. If you want a pdf copy of your own, please email me at gwennonblogs@ymail.com

        Anyway, thank you for another thought-provoking, well-written post.

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