19 comments on “A Final Tale from my Youth

  1. LOL, I have written a whole series on that stuff but you probably have gone more in depth than I have since you researched it. I love how they describe “fascism” as right wing when in fact it is another socialist domain but different from Marxism or communism. Hitler and Mussolini were both fascists and socialists. The difference is that socialists who still believe in free markets and capitalism are fascists whilst the communists or Marxists believe in market control. However both forms are totalitarian governments where the state rules over and controls the people. Personally I think you are wrong about Trump – he is an Individualist but maybe he does champion some progressive causes – we shall see.

  2. I must admit, in the day I liked Kennedy’s presidency, lost all respect for the DNC with LBJ. Lately I have been reading/watching the documents that have been released from Kennedy’s presidency and have been questioning that opinion. The DNC is/was not what I had been taught. As of late I have begun wondering what hides inside the RNC, is it really what it portrays?

  3. Very interesting and enlightening. I watched a fascinating documentary on Netflix simply entitled “13th”. It describes how the progressive style has been used on the black community for decades. It really opened my eyes to their plight. I highly recompensed iit if you haven’t seen it. Definitely supports what you are saying here, Don.

  4. I hope I’m not spoiling anything, but if you sit down and compare socialism’s worldview with the Bible’s worldview, it is eerie how mutually exclusive and opposed they are. On practically every issue. Charity, human nature, capital punishment, human reproduction, our attitude towards the earth…it’s almost a perfect point-by-point contradiction.

    • Funny you should say that Brandon. The early US Progressives were heavily Christians seeking social change for the sake of righteousness. One of their major achievements was Prohibition… not to mention our drugs laws. Of course, they were largely purged after WWII.

  5. I enjoy these political posts, they are so interesting. I worked in Tribal politics for a few years and the particular government structure that I worked with leans very heavily toward socialism, as does its healthcare delivery system. I remember vividly too the arguments over how to interpret the Tribal constitution. I don’t understand at all the belief that a Constitution or any document for that matter is “living, breathing and changeable”. I believe a document means exactly what the writer or writers intended it to mean. Even Scripture, which truly is the Living Word in that it ministers to us spiritually, does not change with the times. It applies to the times and in all seasons, but like our Heavenly Father does not change. If that were the case, it could be twisted to mean whatever the person quoting it wants it to mean (and often inaccurately is)…kind of like the U.S Constitution as often quoted by Progressives 🙂

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