4 comments on “Random Ramblings: November 19, 2016

  1. We tend to be surprised when anything extraordinary happens. Healings like the ones you talked about above should not be surprising, but we don’t ordinarily see them, so they are. But what is wrong with being surprised? I like surprises!

    Now the doubt part – that’s a bigger issue. That explains why we aren’t surprised more often. But if we were surprised my often, these things would become more ordinary, and we would not be as surprised, nor would we doubt as much.

    Maybe this all means we should be praying more often!

  2. How many times did Jesus say, “Oh ye of little faith” after His disciples had witnessed SO many miracles, but were still surprised and amazed at what He could do? We don’t have the benefit of witnessing His miracles first-hand, so why should we be surprised that our faith is even more meager than theirs? Yes, we have their eye-witness testimonies, but…

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