30 comments on “Rafting Down the River

  1. Don, your post and pictures brought back some amazing memories when, 40 years ago, I was in Jamaica and went cruising down the Martha Brae on the same kind of raft you rode. The scenery was incredible and the ride was mesmerizing. I have been to Jamaica several times since then and I have wanted to do it again but was not able to schedule it. Thanks for the post! God’s creation is so much more than we see in our cities and towns; He is truly the amazing Creator God!

  2. Forty years ago, when I went on the Martha Brae River, there were children with little “stores” along the shore and they sold miniature rafts and other handmade creations; then there were some stands where you could be something to drink, all for the asking of your raft’s “captain” to pull over. Were they still doing this? Fun and gorgeous scenery, memories for a lifetime.

  3. How nice! We did some kayaking down there on a shore excursion. Not that River, but another place whose name I can’t recall. It was really cool though. Glad you had a good time. We have been to Jamaica twice, and really liked it both times.

  4. Be glad. A friend of mine, upon the arrival of the celebration of his 90th year on this planet, was informed by SWMBO that for his birthday he was going on a rafting trip – down the Grand Canyon. She, of course, stayed in the lodge on the rim of the canyon.

  5. My SWMBO is a bed right now and I am free to do what? It has been so long I wouldn’t know what to do. I hear on 6th that I am going to Parramatta to visit old government house, what can I say?

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