11 comments on “God’s Response to Repentance

  1. What does “get real and get right with God” look like. How does one know if they’ve done those things and are receiving forgiveness and mercy from God. In other words does it take me a day to do this or must I do this for a week, a month, etc. I hope you get my drift. Looking forward to your reply.

    • For a Christian it refers to the quality of our relationships with our Lord and our desire to go deeper with Him. It isn’t about checking off items in a checklist or going through a course of study or anything like that, it is surrendering ourselves to His care. That doesn’t mean we have attained any kind of perfection, but that we are on The Way with Him.

  2. Its hard to wrap your head around the concept of being washed so clean by Jesus’s blood that it’s as if our sins never existed. I think that’s part of the problem being constantly conscious and concentrating on them giving them way too much attention we get bogged down in what we were before we met Jesus instead of fully embracing our transformed identity in Christ. I know fake repentance cos I’ve treated God like a casual acquaintance for far too long but now is the time for true change. I don’t want to be the foolish virgin caught without spare matches for her candle. I want my heart to be ready for our saviors imminent return to earth 😇

  3. A Christian lives a life of repentance. We examine our lives regularly. If you’ve read the Psalms, David is the perfect picture of this. The result of this kind of walk is a joy and a peace that are overwhelming ?

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