20 comments on “The Magnificence of God’s Creation

  1. Beautiful pictures. Don. Would it be Ok if I used one of them for a banner on one of my pages? You captured the surf so magnificently! My grandpa used to leave on the main coast and we would stay in a cabin there right next to the rocky shore. I remember the waves crashing into that shore, although not with the force you probably saw. I didn’t appreciate the majesty of it all back then. I sure do now!

  2. Awesome pictures! Makes me miss the water. I have never really been on the ocean but I lived on Lake Superior and saw waves like that a lot.

  3. Hi Don, Br Andrew AKA Fr Casper – I really like the Camera killer, I too, am enthralled by the Ocean, the movement of the waves, especially on a stormy day. We live within 10 minutes walk of Maroubra beach so there is never a shortage of all the above. Our cameras are made for underwater also, however I would love one with better resolution and magnification.

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