8 comments on “Random Ramblings: December 3, 2016

  1. I have a better idea. We should celebrate Christmas every day of the year, because we are celebrating the Gift which keeps on giving, Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us. The Incarnation was what made all if it possible.

  2. What I have never understood are world-wide conferences on global warming. Everyone flying from their home, traveling to/from the airport in luxury vehicles, plus the retinue and press corps that follows. If you really believed in GW, and were concerned about increasing the effect, wouldn’t it be more enviro friendly to have a skype conference?

  3. After being laid off and losing everything a few years ago, decorating for Christmas just sort of went away as other things became more important, more possible, even! We haven’t decorated now for 6 years. And, previous missives aside, I do miss the memories of earlier years. But we also find ourselves less pressured prior to the holidays to “do everything” and less depressed after, having to take it all down.

    Snow? Think of it as God’s Band-Aid for winter. Bare tress and bleak landscapes look better covered in white! 🙂

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