9 comments on “I AM

  1. Or even a famous carpenter only besides the divine carver of humanity from the dust of the ground and His own celestial breath. Love the ever present participle of i am. El elyon always was , is n will be God. I do enjoy the humor in the previous passage you referenced where Jesus said the devil was the pharisees dad ( in a spiritual guidance not a physical sense ) & reminded us a house divided can’t stand which also brings to mind the verse about a double minded man being unstable in all his ways

  2. If Jesus isn’t who He said He is, we who teach and proclaim the Bible are leading people astray. Our validation, whether we stand or fall, depends of who Jesus is.

  3. For too long, people have blindly followed the Catholic dogma they introduced in the fourth century that God is really three persons. Jesus was God’s Word in a human body. My words, my spirit, and my mind are the same ~ they are all me. God’s words, spirit and mind are the same ~ they are all God. I am constantly in discussion about this with my Muslim students who are told Christians believe in three Gods.

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