17 comments on “The Faith of Joseph

  1. “Joseph did as he was instructed, and Jesus was of the royal line of David by adoption.” I love that you included that because we are a royal priesthood through adoption as well! It really gives a lot more weight to the fact that we are adopted. Praise the Lord!

  2. Yes, Joseph’s buy-in was crucial here. If he had rejected her, Mary would be pregnant with nowhere to go. Her parent’s had passed, she couldn’t go back to the temple. The only option would have been Martha, but would Martha’s husband take in this sullied woman and her unborn child?

  3. I’m glad you brought out Joseph’s faith, how hard his predicament would really be. We would most likely blow it off as too fantastic and only our own wishful thinking, not from God….
    Imagine going to church next Sunday morning and saying, “Yeah, I had an angel visit me last night and he told me that my wife wasn’t actually having sex with anyone…No, she got pregnant from God!” What kind of stares of “Are you nuts? Lock him up!” reaction would we get from even the most faithful? This isn’t your normal kind of faith! It ranks right up there with Abraham basing his faith that God would give him an heir based on a vision, or dream (Gen.15:1). “Yeah…hey, Sarah…guess what I dreamt about last night…” 🙂

  4. Joseph’s faith was extraordinary for he probably had to even face questions from his peers. Joseph was probably a very devout believer in God at this time without being too religious.

    BTW as an aside I have released this book at the below link. If you or one of your Life Project followers can spare some time and do a review (preferably 5 star :)) that would be helpful. Of course it could be too way out there. 🙂


  5. I have written thirty books. I never had a favorite until I wrote “JOSEPH: THE OTHER FATHER.” Jesus was born into a violent world. There were skirmishes on the highways and in the towns for two decades after King Herod died. Plus little Nazareth, an unwalled village of some 500 people was three miles from Sepphoris, capital of Galilee where Herod Antipas had his palace. Young Herod managed to make a lot of people mad, including the king of Arabia and Caesar’s representative in Syria. With 100,000 soldiers, they marched on Sepphoris and burned it down, but not before spending a few weeks in tents surrounding the city and building bulwarks. I’m sure Joseph and the others in Nazareth were fearful the soldiers would spill over into Nazareth. He must have nailed his gate closed and pushed a cart or something else heavy, and done other things to protect his family. Jesus was about ten years old at this time. When you read Josephus, you realize just how dangerous it was. I can imagine sometimes when things got desperate, Joseph must have cried out, “God! Help me protect our Son!”

    Yes, now I have a favorite book.

  6. This past Christmas season, I was really thinking about Joseph and his….patience? As soon as the words were out of Mary’s mouth, he could have broken the betrothal and let the chips fall where they may. Instead, the bible says that he “considered” what was happening. I look to him as an example of keeping my mouth shut, and giving God the time to speak to me about any situation. Better to have His wisdom than just my own knowledge.

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