12 comments on “Father Abraham: God’s Call

  1. Amen, Rick. Yes, we should all follow Abram’s example, and sometimes we do, often we don’t. But, God is gracious and He usually gives us another opportunity to do things His way.

  2. Yes, we need to be reminded. We need to be reminded that, even though the birth of Christ WAS a singular-event in all of human-history, it didn’t happen in isolation, but rather that it occurred in the context of, and in fulfillment of, all of the many promises and prophesies, given by God to His chosen people, throughout the centuries before Christ came, beginning in Genesis 3:15.

    I believe it IS appropriate to study those promises and prophesies in the days leading up to celebrating the birth of our Savior to help prepare our hearts, and that is what we will be doing the next two Sundays in our Bible Fellowship before we celebrate Christmas.



  3. I will tell you a story of what God did for my and my husband, Dan. He was up for a promotion at work and all that was left was him accepting the job. Well, our daughter phoned us from Kelowna, a city 5 hours from Vancouver, where we lived, and was desperate for us to help her with her daughter. Her little girl (4 yrs old) had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but my daughter had to work. They could not survive on her husband’s salary. They needed me to babysit.

    Dan and I discussed this. My husband’s company had pared down the work in Kelowna and there were no jobs there and no plans to have jobs there. For the first and only time we asked God for a sign on what to do. Our daughter needed me right away. That night I had a dream. I dreamed I was on a plane with my mother, who lived with us at the time. In the dream, we were starting to land. I looked out the window and saw Kelowna. I turned to my mother and said, “We’re home.” When I woke up, my husband knew it was the sign from God. I moved there and we waited to see what God would do.

    Within a year, his company had opened a warehouse in Penticton, just 45 min. away from Kelowna. Dan had turned down the promotion, applied for a job at the warehouse and has been there for 13 years now. We only lived apart for a year, and he visited us every other weekend. We did lose money on the deal, but we were with our wonderful family. I babysat my granddaughter until she was 14 and doing well. We are so grateful for what God did for our family.

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