4 comments on “God’s Vineyard

  1. Sobering post and yet, we are alive in Christ Jesus today because of it. This is why it ties into the Christmas story. Jesus came to give “another” the blessings of Salvation and Redemption. Sobering in the fact that if God Almighty, our Heavenly Father will do it for those He calls “firstborn” what will He do to those who have been “grafted” into the Vine and yet repeat the history of their “big brothers?” Our Heavenly Father is a JUST God, and His love for us is based in that justice. If we choose to go the way of history and do the same rebellious acts as the “firstborn” then what is left? Sobering indeed.

    YET —- just as the “firstborn” have a promise that the vineyard owner would return and SEPERATE the good (fruitful) from the bad (rebellious), so do we look up to the skies awaiting the return of our Savior, both for ourselves and our brothers and sisters, the “firstborn!”

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Selah!

    Great post, my brother. Maybe sobering, but none-the-less needed to help each of us to reflect and to recognize our ordered place within the GREAT Vineyard!!! 😉

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