4 comments on “Father Abraham: Warrior

  1. I’ve found the story of Melchizedek interesting too. I thought it was a man who ruled Salem, the fore-city of Jerusalem. But, as you said, why was he also a priest? Very interesting if it was Jesus himself. When I think of Job and his friends, they all knew about God and his rules, even though it was way before Moses and the 10 Commandments. Was there a temple they all went to? Were there priests? I guess we don’t know.

  2. Love the comparison chart. Certainly seems like Jesus!
    One other thing is clear from Hebrews. Jesus is of a very different order than Moses and the Levitical priesthood. It begs the question whether Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice and culmination of Moses’ covenant to appease God, as many suppose, or to actually subvert the whole notion of animal sacrifices altogether and replace it with what God wanted all along. Paul said that this new covenant was “confirmed before by God in Christ” (with Abraham as proxy – Gal. 3:17-19). That it was “confirmed before” definitely fits the Melchizedek model, not the Mosaic one. The subversive angle would also go along with the prophets, like Jeremiah (7:21-23) and others, who stated that God never wanted our bulls and goat offerings. All He ever wanted was our heart. Jesus’ life and death expressed that very thing.

    The whole Melchizedek subject is a fascinating study, but mind-boggling too! 🙂

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