13 comments on “Father Abraham: God Makes a Covenant

  1. It is always interesting how God weaves everything together throughout the Bible, if we will just take the time to see it. God has always had a plan and is in control. Thanks for sharing! And Merry Christmas!

  2. Well written & this scripture account shows that God’s plan of redemption for man’s sin was in motion from the very beginning and never changed throughout the Bible. God’s promises are sure. We need not fear; as He tells us over & over in His Word. All He asks is that we trust Him.
    Love your fireplace video. Merry Christmas back!

  3. At this point, the only sin Abram can commit is to not believe in God’s promise. There were no commandments, no law, just the simple request that Abram have faith in God’s word. A simple covenant between two friends.

  4. God is so complete. No loose ends. Everything fits in His plan, His way, His time. My only regret is that I don’t pause enough to consider the beauty of His big picture. Thanks for sharing this, Don.

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