15 comments on “Father Abraham: Having a Candid Conversation

  1. Thank you for reminding us all that God isn’t shocked, stunned, overwhelmed, discouraged, despairing or conflicted about our questions. He’s approachable! Well said, my friend.

  2. He waited 25 long years and got older and older and older. Something I noticed just recently (and I have been studying the Bible for over 60 years) is Abraham said, “What can you give me since I am still childless?”. There is nothing God could have given him to ease the pain in his heart. Nothing but a child. He did not designate son or daughter; he just said, “child”. What a man.

  3. And I resent all the sermons about Abraham “running ahead of God” when he finally took Hagar to have a child through. I don’t know where that phrase came from, but I think it is arrogant. We do the best with what we know. Having a mistress was not illegal then. He was only trying, just like the rest of us. We just try.

    • Yes, an interesting point. We do our best with what we know and what we have available and some of the time we might look back and wonder what we were thinking… at least that’s been my experience. Yet even in those situations, God is loving and merciful.

  4. God has big shoulders.

    Of course, it’s fair to point out that Zachariah didn’t get quite as gracious a response from God…and in fact got the “silent treatment”…but still received the promise.

  5. Perfect example that God knows our heart, even if we lack perfect expression of thought or language skills. He knows the true question, and cuts to the chase of the matter, even when we are having difficulty in our approach. Some of my prayers give me the shivers when I think of what I have said or asked of Almighty God, yet He is kind and merciful. He never changes, and is the same God – the God of Abram and the God of every believer. Praise Him!! Thanks for the great post.

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