16 comments on “Customs, Traditions, Compromises and Christmas

  1. I don’t see it as something to even argue about. If people don’t want to particpate then they are welcome not to. For me I am going to take every opportunity to address people about Christ when they are open to hearing about Him.

  2. Well said, Don. I appreciate the history lesson. I’m not up much n that, except I did know that Christmas was started to offset the pagan holiday. I believe Easter was as well, since it falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring. Someday we will probably compromise that and make it a permanent date – who knows. I’m just glad it gives us a chance to present the gospel. Can’t be all bad if that’s the case!

  3. God works all things for the good of those who love Him. Things may have been compromised but God was able to use it. We only have to use it correctly and proclaim the truth.

  4. I don’t indulge in society’s Christmas traditions, but I DO revel in the birth of Christ and marvel that God would go to such incredible lengths to secure our redemption. The Christmas season directs my thoughts towards the true meaning of the season.

  5. That was really nice, Don, especially that last part. Honestly, we ought to just cut each other some slack this time of year over the entire holiday. Seems there are plenty of hard lines taken over the whole thing, and some basic love your neighbor thought would be quite in order. Great post. I think I missed the earlier one somehow.

  6. My only gripe is that it starts earlier and earlier each year. Otherwise, if compromising means people act a bit nicer to each other, then that just makes it a little easier to share the Love of Jesus with them.

  7. Great post I actually just posted earlier today about the beginning celebrations of Christmas having very clear pagan origins because to my surprise.. there is a debate on this fact! Great historical teaching!

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