23 comments on “Father Abraham: God Drops by for Dinner

  1. “I must admit that it felt kind of weird typing the words “God drops by for dinner”, ,,,” 🙂

    And typing “What if there was no original sin” this morning falls into the same category.

    Love the way you make the Trinity so intimate here. Beautiful post, thank you!

  2. I love this story! I think it shows the relationship God wanted to have with us from the beginning. One on one continuous connection. Which through Jesus and Holy Spirit He has now attained.

  3. “God and his body guards.” lol

    ‘Abraham’s is a story of promise, the Christmas Story is a story of promise fulfilled and I can’t help but think that of all seasons of the year, this is the most hopeful, for if nothing else it reminds us of the hope we have in Christ… if only we could stop hustling and bustling long enough to have eyes that see.”

    When they came to visit they stayed for awhile. No hustling and bustling there.

    Loved this post Don .


    • I’ve heard that too, but notice “Lord” is all caps:LORD. Whenever you see that it’s Yĕhovah in Hebrew which is where we get Jehova. Hmmm… so much to process, let’s do dinner! 🙂

      • Actually, in Hebrew it is Adonai. Which is frequently translated as the LORD, since no one knows how to pronounce the Name of God. I seem to recall you’re on the eastern side of the continent. Dinner might have to virtual for now.

        • In Gen 18:1 it is YHWH but in 18:3 Abraham addresses the 3 men as Adonai. The name of God is HWH which means I AM in Hebrew but as the Hebrews were superstitious and couldn’t write or say God’s name the letter Y was added to the HWH making God’s name unpronounceable.

          Interesting side point. The letter Y added in Hebrew is actually HWHY (Hebrew reads right to left) and this letter is also in hebrew the number 1 and so in English we could read it as I AM (number) 1 or I AM one. We know the verse “The LORD your God is one LORD” where the ‘one’ is a collective 1 but where the mistake is made is that the LORD is one but ELOHIM (GOD) is plural and is of course Father, Son & Holy Spirit which is 3 personages. 🙂 Very few people seem to be able to wrap their heads around this.

  4. This is one of many instances when God intervened in the life of one of His “chosen-ladies” and made them able to conceive and bear a son. Just one generation later, God intervened on behalf of Rebekah and enabled her to bear Esau and Jacob. God gave Hannah the ability to bear Samuel.

    The story of Ruth closes with; 13 So Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife, and he went in to her. And the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.

    Had Ruth been barren prior to her marrying Boaz? This phrase, “And the Lord enabled her to conceive,” is used many times throughout the Bible when God intervened and gave a barren woman the ability to become pregnant. Could this be why she and her first husband didn’t have any children? Had God “saved” her for this point in her life, to accomplish His special-purpose?

    The final prophet, John the Baptist, was born to Elizabeth, who was elderly and barren. God is also God of the womb.


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