14 comments on “Father Abraham: High Level Negotiation

  1. In my book “Christianity & Islam: The Contrast” (to help Christians understand Islam, and Muslims understand Christianity) I have one entire chapter for the Muslims who cannot comprehend Jesus being God in flesh called “Jesus’ Life Before He Was Born”. It’s a long chapter because he appeared and spoke to quite a few people in OT times.

  2. I love this story because of how God talks this over with Abraham and listens to his arguments. I believe God listens to all of us like this. Also, I think God wanted us all to know that there were no good people in Sodom but Lot. You are right, it was a house of horrors. If there was a city like that here, the military would be called in!

    People say God was mean to kill all the people of a city or of a nation. I used to wonder about that. But then I read about how the Canaanites worshiped their gods with offering live babies on an alter of fire etc. According to a commentary I read, some of the idol sexual worship may have involved children when Israel worshiped idols.

    I think God puts up with a lot from human beings, but then they go too far and he has to step in so they won’t keep hurting people. I think the story of Sodom shows this since, as you said, people were crying out to God about Sodom. Who knows how many people they raped to death.

    • All I know for sure is that things were so twisted that something had to be done, and God Himself stepped in and put a stop to i in a way that brought swift justice to the guilty.

  3. It is a curious thing. Did Abraham actually influence God? An idol we have made. That we can imagine influencing. The Creator? The text can be interpreted that way. Yet we are told to pray in the Lord’s will, and that I guess Abraham did. Prayer is something that puzzles me more than anything.

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