14 comments on “I Am the Way

  1. Poignant facts that demand an inward response and outward change for me. Hope I grasp it better with time. These ideas show that He isn’t as random in His ways as we often are.

      • Yes, and for this we are exceptionally thankful that He is the same. Even as far back in “time” as when He was in the garden and asked, Adam, where are you? Even more recently when He asked, “Father? Where are you?” from the cross. Then there were the other gardens. On the night he was betrayed and on the day he arose. May He be faithful to His promise, especially in this hard hour, to remember that truth that I believe applies more to His body than it did to Israel. “I know the plans I have for you. Plans for HOPE and a future.” All caps mine. I call it Helping Other People Endure life, just as He did in every way.

  2. Those who are still trying to build their own “bridge to God” through their religious-pursuits need to put them aside and understand that Christ has already built the only “bridge to God” that will ever work. Christ IS the only “bridge to God” we will ever need.


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