6 comments on “Jesus Visits the Temple

  1. It is a lttle amazing that this isthe only story of His childhood given that He knew who He was. The humility to keep it to Himself until He was 30 is astounding in a teenager and 20 year old. Anyone else would be shouting from the housetop – Hey guess who I am!

  2. This is the second time Luke says that Mary treasured these things in her heart. This and the other details mentioned, strongly suggests, to me, that these first 2 chapters are mostly Luke’s report of an interview with Mary herself. What more valid eye witness of such things can there be than Jesus’ own mother?

  3. Off the subject a little, but did you know the previous year, Archelaeus Herod killed thousands in the temple? Later that year, Caesar decided to get rid of him, and exiled him to Gaul. Finally, it was safe for Mary and Joseph to take their children with them to Jerusalem.

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  5. There are additional stories in the apocryphal Infancy Gospel of Thomas (http://gnosis.org/library/inftoma.htm). Apparently this gospel was well known, since some of these stories about Jesus are also found in the Quran (yes, Jesus is in the Quran, though he is demoted to a mere prophet). But Luke’s story is the only one that made it into the Catholic canon.

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