13 comments on “A Quick Note…

  1. Don’t know if this will help, but have you tried honey garlic lemon tea? You want raw honey, fresh lemons or limes, and fresh garlic. As you allow the tea kettle to heat (but not boil), you cut a clove of garlic and juice your citrus. Pour the very hot, not-quite-boiling water over the garlic, and add the juice. Follow it up with a glop (you define glop) of raw honey, and sip slowly. You can drink this several times daily during the course of a virus. The garlic is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-democrat, anti-republican, anti-bad drivers—Ahem! Let me back track. Garlic kills everything that wants to hurt your health. The garlic and fresh citrus juice work synergistically, powered up even more by beneficial microbes in the raw honey. To pack a more powerful punch, you might also add a few grains of cayenne or other red pepper, a spoon of coconut oil, and/or freshly grated ginger.

    If it happens that your ailment has taken your stomach off line, you can also get volatile garlic oils directly into the bloodstream by coating the bottoms of your feet with an oil barrier (petroleum jelly, rendered lard — whatever you have and whatever feels comfortable at the time) then covering the entire soles of your feet with thin, thin slices of fresh garlic, bound in place by rags and old socks. You generally leave these on overnight. Not only does this kill germs, if your lungs are painfully tight, the garlic will open them right up as well.

    More information can be found in John Heinerman’s amazingly affordable little book: “The Healing Benefits of Garlic”. This was a book I never wanted to read. But I am so glad I did. It has saved me and my family on more than one occasion.

    Anyway, you and your wife will be in my prayers. I hope you are both feeling better soon.

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