18 comments on “Random Ramblings: January 7, 2017

  1. I hate it when the Russians do that to me, too. My wife is the same about these kinds of things. She’s talking to Siri all the time on her iPhone (man’s voice with a British accent…hmmmm…)

  2. I read a story where a home was broken into and the occupant killed, he had an Alexa. The police want to access the historical files on Amazon to see if it picked up anything that might lead them to the suspect. Amazon has, thus far, refused to release anything.

    It worries me that something in my home might always be listening and, possibly, recording. Seems I read a book about this sometime in my youth, back before 1984. Didn’t turn out well for them.

    • Bette Cox mentioned the same book; one of my favorite. Interestingly, Alexa can control your home security system I understand. Hmmm… “Alexa, turn off the alarm”


  3. The only thing I would use it for would be to read books to me. But her voice would probably be irritating. No, I wouldn’t want something in the house that might listen to my hubby and I argue., although maybe we could ask Alexa which one of us is right.

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