9 comments on “Another Healing

  1. I think it’s worth noting that seclusion was a requirement of the law of the Jews. Until Jesus could be shown leprosy free after the quarantine period he could not be let back into society.

    • Perhaps – since Jesus always kept the Law. Jesus’ habits of the quiet times with the Father are those things mostly stressed by teachers when dealing with passages like these. With more mature congregations it is possible to mention the requirements of levitical medical practice and balance this against what Jesus did during the period of seclusion.

      • I was thinking of this in regards to the passage related in Mark 1:40-45. I think the going into secluded places was not so much for prayer here but out of necessity because the towns were required to bar him from entrance for seven days. the passage in Luke 5 refers to him going out into the wilderness by himself to pray and I wonder if that was not to make the most of his time.

  2. Jesus never was concerned that someone’s “uncleanness” might rub-off on Him. He just did the gracious and loving thing they needed for them.

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