11 comments on “Another Disciple; More Conflict

  1. I also agree with the lessons presented, but I’m baffled as to where it says he returned all he had stolen. One can assume, but where is it stated?

  2. “In His reply to their question, Jesus shows a priority system that was more or less foreign to the Jews, for He had come to save these people, not to condemn them as everyone else did. That approach didn’t go over very well with the Pharisees of Jesus’ time, and frankly, it doesn’t go over very well with the Pharisees of our time either.”

    Amen. Well said. Jesus shows that God cares more about us than the rules we keep. Religion makes the rules the priority. But those rules, like the Sabbath, were only meant to save us from relentlessly driving ourselves into an early grave and actually trust God. What a concept! 🙂

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