12 comments on “Poor and Rich

  1. I occasionally fantasize about becoming rich (lottery, Publisher’s clearing House, etc.), but I quickly realize that I would fear that the Lord had given up on me. My dependence is on the Lord. I like the continuing challenge of trusting Him. It keeps me close.

    • If i was to win a lottery then I have always promised the Lord that the first thing we would do is to provide for our Community – but since I don’t believe in gambling in any form – I shall have to rely on hard work and thrift. Not meaning anything by this, we are quite happy to be poor it saves many problems in life and we can really see the Lord at work when the impossible happens.

  2. We know from Jesus’ life that there were wealthy among his followers, Lazarus, Nicodemus, and Joseph of Aramathea to name a few. Abraham himself was wealthy beyond measure, as was Solomon. It’s not easy to be both, but it is not impossible either.

  3. I really appreciate you clarifying this passage. It’s been badly abused by some with political or other socially motivated reasons. I’ve personally known poor people who are unthankful, greedy, and covetous, and very wealthy people who are grateful, generous, and altruistic.
    Jesus is bringing a total paradigm shift here on what is the meaning of true blessings. As you said, the real message here is that blessing comes from trusting God rather than in our material possessions.

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