14 comments on “Taxi to the Airport

  1. God is so amazing – He opens doors and gives us answers before we even know the questions. I always enjoy hearing how He puts people together to help one another. It is a small world – especially when you realise that He holds it in His hands. Thanks for sharing this story again, Don. I was not following you four years ago and so this is new to me. It is good news – we are never alone in more ways than one.
    God bless you

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  3. Unbelievers would call it “coincidence”, but I call it “providence”, a “divine-appointment”. God, in His sovereignty, knows what everyone needs and who can meet that need, and He “arranges” the meeting. If we stop for a moment and think about all the “pieces” that had to fall into place for you to need to take a taxi that day, in that particular city, and for his taxi being available and the one you chose, it would be mind-boggling. That is how God works.

    I have had several of those “divine-appointments” over the last few years, and it always amazes me how all the “pieces” fell into place. We serve and awesome God!!!


  4. Thanks for reposting this! I, too, have had those types of “divine appointments”. God is truly sovereign!

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