12 comments on “Random Ramblings: January 17, 2017

  1. Sorry, but I don’t need Democrats to tell me Trump is uneducated, cruel and a hypocrite. I’ve heard it from his own mouth on Twitter and in his speeches.

    The Democrats are unrecognizable from the party I admired as a young woman. Like the Republicans they have been bought by corporations. That is who runs America and the world now. Neither candidate deserved the Presidency, in my view. I like a man like Bernie Sanders.

  2. While your analysis of the incoming president may be overly optimistic, one point stands out (and will be the subject for my inauguration day post): Christians need to be obedient and pray for our leaders, as Scripture mandates. And nowhere does it say only to pray for those we like!

  3. Mr Trump now requires a face to face interview between every Australian planning to visit America and the appropriate person in the American Embassy. He has also put a spoke in the wheel of a trade agreement that had been finalised – it is quite worrying that he believes he is President of more than just the USA.

    Thank you for your very mild growl Mr Merritt

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