9 comments on “Building Homes; Building Lives

      • OK. I prayed for God to help me understand it and this is what I got. 17 He went down (humble yourself in the sight of the LORD)with them(he is always with us when we pray and study his WORD) and stood on a level place.(we pray before our study to settle our spirit, open our spiritual ears to what he is going to say. We start from a solid foundation of faith) A large crowd of his disciples was there and a great number of people from all over(at that same moment that we are with him studying and praying, he is also with millions of others around the globe) Judea, (meaning place of praise. We come with a heart of adoration)from Jerusalem,(meaning foundation of peace. We come with a heart at peace.) and from the coastal region around( we come to the living water.) Tyre (meaning Rock. We come to our Rock.) and Sidon,(meaning Plenty of Fish. We prepare ourselves receive by His Spirit and to share with others whatever it is we “catch” that day from Him.)

        Or did I read to much into it?

        • OK, now I see what you mean 🙂

          I think what you have here is excellent, because in each part, he is leading you to see other people and how you affect them, rather than on how everything effects YOU. Take this vision and continue through the rest of the sermon, and I think you’ll see how that plays out and how those bits of the sermon that at first seem so hard, really aren’t as hard as they seem when you have an outward focus rather than an inward one.
          Nice work!!

  1. “Give the Holy Spirit permission to work the Word into your being, to make them a part of who you are”

    Sublime. Simple and sublime. Thank you ((hugs))

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