12 comments on “Jesus and John

  1. “Having doubts in a difficult time is natural enough, but the greatest blessing is found by the person who does not allow their human doubts to get the better of them.” True food for thought. Doubts aren’t ever the problem–it’s what we do with them. And the best and the brightest missing the point? Isn’t that a statement that applies to today as well?

  2. I was struck by something new reading your words. How Jesus was doing His thing whilst John was left in prison for doing his thing (for Jesus). How Jesus never “saved” John from his prison. How John reached out through his disciples to Jesus – and Jesus never saved John then either.

    And then about how (subconsciously) I have an expectation that being saved is being SAVED! How being a follower must have certain privileges. And I never realised until your post how deep-seated those expectations still are.

    Not sure what I do with this – but He never wastes anything. So I reckon this gift of awareness – He has a few ideas!

    Thank you, Don. The familiar just because unfamiliar – and that is a precious gift!

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  4. As sobering a thought it is that salvation does not entail immediate delivery from all our ills even the jaws of death, else there would be few saints in the various Kalendars, I think Jesus always has a sense of humour when dealing with the generation of vipers.

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