14 comments on “Whoever has ears…

  1. You’re bumping up on big questions of election and sovereignty here. I’m currently wrestling with that right now. Is salvation truly a choice? Or are there people to whom salvation is not available? This is one of the toughest issues to discern from Scripture, honestly far harder than eternal security.

    At least I can celebrate that I’m on board.

  2. This is so true. I sometimes wonder how someone can’t see the truth that I see, but they are so blinded from the truth that it can break your heart. We can only love them and pray over them that the blindfolds will be lifted and wonderfully so, sometimes they are.

  3. Oh, the delicious irony here, where Jesus is talking about hearing with something other than ears and seeing with something other than eyes! The power of parables, like that of the Zen koans, comes in their awakening us to a bigger picture, one that often seems irrational in common thought — one that can keep opening before us, if we’re attentive. For starters, we Quakers sometimes speak of “listening in tongues,” although maybe just the metaphorical heart will do just as well.

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  5. Jesus’ statement about hearing and seeing remind me of Prov.4:23, and why the issues of the heart are so important. When our heart is open, it seems that seeing and hearing is possible. Jesus only, and always, explained His parables to those who bothered to ask Him. Again, it seems if you have a desire to know then you’re one of the ones who were “given the knowledge of the secrets…”

    In my thinking, it really is about the freedom of love in giving an invitation to relationship, rather than a forced pre-determined marriage.

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